Bayside residents:

This is the link to Bayside's traffic calming survey.  It was first distributed at the Bayside community picnic in October 2013, after a meeting with Supervisor Lovelace. He  has requested this specific information in order to advocate (or not) for specific traffic calming measures in Bayside. It also includes the choice: "I do not want traffic calming measures implemented near my house." So that your specific suggestions for traffic calming will be included, please cut & paste your completed traffic calming survey into a Word document and send it to Bayside Pride, Inc. at P. O. Box 94, Bayside, CA95524 for compilation. You can also request that the traffic calming survey  be sent or delivered to you by sending an email to

Thank you!






 Bayside Pride is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation formed to benefit the quality of life for residents of the Jacoby Creek Valley and surrounding communities. Its work includes community education and capacity building, natural resource protection, preservation and maintenance of historic resources, youth services and leadership development, services to assist elderly residents, and other community improvement projects. For information and to get involved in community service in Bayside, contact: PO Box 94, Bayside CA 95524
Information on the Road Safety Initiative.

CalTrans 2013 Grants Guidelines